Hewett Disability Unit

The Hewett Disability Unit caters for 24 students (R-7) with a range of intellectual disabilities, spread across 3 classrooms.

Our staffing team consists of teachers, sso’s and a unit coordinator. Our facilities include a large and secure outdoor area with a playground and garden, disabled toilet and internal sensory rooms, interactive whiteboards and iPad’s in each classroom.

As we are located within Hewett Primary school there are strong links and opportunities for interaction between unit students and mainstream peers. We also participate in many whole school events such as assemblies and sports days.

All children in the unit are on a Negotiated Education Plan and working towards individualised goals. Curriculum across all learning areas is taught with a strong focus on communication, safety, social skills, sensory needs and independence.

Hewett Primary School does not have the authority to enrol students into the Disability Unit.

The enrolment process is done through a DfE selection process where a panel determines whether students are eligible for a special options placement.