Hewett Primary School
Facebook Page

With a growing interest from families, the school has created a Facebook page. This is not a closed group; you can search @hewettprimaryschool and click “like”. You will then be notified of anything we post as a school.

Members of the community are also able to post questions relevant to school events and/or queries. They have to be approved by a member of the leadership team before they will be visible on the page. The threads will be closely monitored by the school and inappropriate comments will be removed.

We use the information provided in the ‘Permissions Proforma’ that families complete, if and when we post images. We will not post images of any student that does not have permission from a parent or guardian.

This page is open and anyone can follow; we understand parents may be hesitant around this. If you would like to grant, rescind or check your permissions, please come to the front office and speak to one of our friendly staff.

Any questions around the Facebook page can be directed to the front office staff.

Click here to go to our Facebook page