Our School


An inclusive, empowered learning community that values diversity,
lifelong learning and the pursuit of personal excellence.


At Hewett Primary School we value…
Respect – for yourself, others and our world
Responsibility – doing the right thing because it is the best thing to do
Learning – work hard to progress and be the best that you can be


The Defence program provides support to children of ADF (Australian Defence Force) members and their families, particularly during their transition into and out of a school on posting or during parental absences due to deployment, exercises or courses. At Hewett we have Cuppa times for family members to come and meet other families of the school, we have commemorative assemblies and educational officers to help further educate the students, welcome and farewell parties and Defence Kids Club, which is a fantastic opportunity for the defence students to meet other defence students from the school.

Positive Education

The wellbeing of our students is a high priority at Hewett with a number of quality Social and Learning programmes in place. Underpinning all of these programmes is the school’s commitment to the principles of Positive Education. Positive Education merges the values of Positive Psychology with quality education. The key message within Positive Education is to identify the strengths within our students, staff and the community and how we can develop and build on these. Students are involved in a variety of positive practices including daily mindfulness, identifying and understanding Character Strengths, Bucket Filling, demonstrating Gratitude and developing a Growth Mindset. Positive Education is a priority within the Greater Gawler Partnership of which Hewett Primary School belongs.


Sometimes kids have strong feelings that can fuel challenging behaviours. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to communicate when you are in an emotional moment. Kimochis are a playful way to help children learn how to identify and express feelings. When kids can communicate their feelings effectively, they develop positive social skills that lead to lasting friendships and success in all aspects of life. Many classes at Hewett Primary School use the Kimochi Characters and Feelings Pillows in their classrooms.

Pastoral Care Worker

A Pastoral Care Worker (PCW) is a trained, experienced and passionate person who joins a school community on behalf of the local churches to provide extra support to young people. Our PCWs main task is to support the school in its aim to be a safe and supportive learning environment, to support the wellbeing of students, staff and families and to link families to community resources and services.



Student Voice

Student Leadership and Improvement Committee (SLIC)

SLIC blends the traditional SRC and more recent Action Teams into one Student Voice Program. SLIC Reps work as a team to discuss ways we can improve the school and then form short-term Action Teams to bring about the desired change. The students drive the change and will have the support of staff throughout the whole process. All students are encouraged to contribute to possible improvements and ways we can go about seeing this change. This can either be done during class meetings or by filling out an “Ideas or Request for SLIC” form and placing it in the drop box in the Front Office.

SLIC Reps will also, at various times, support school events held across the year. This is a great way to develop their capacity as student leaders whilst promoting a sense of belonging and student voice at the school.

Aboriginal Community Education Officer (ACEO)

Our Aboriginal Community Education Officer supports individual Aboriginal students and their families within the school community. Some of their duties include working with teachers in the implementation of Aboriginal Cultural Studies and Aboriginal perspectives in curriculum design and delivery, helping teaching staff develop and maintain relationships with Aboriginal students, parents and families and promoting an Aboriginal community voice in decision-making.

Berry Street Education Model

In today’s changing and complex world, many primary school students encounter daily challenges that can impact their success at school. These can range from ongoing stress and a lack of family support to a specific traumatic event. Despite best efforts and intentions, schools often require specialised strategies to address student needs for healing, growth, and achievement.

The Berry Street Education Model provides schools with the training, curriculum and strategies to engage even the most challenging students. This education initiative is different because it is based on proven Positive Education, trauma-informed and wellbeing practices that enable students’ academic and personal growth.

Several Hewett Primary School staff attended training in 2018 and more will access this training program over the coming years. This is a focus across our Partnership of schools.